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White-collar crime charges can carry hefty fines and years in prison. Don’t let these charges ruin your life – You should contact our experienced white-collar crime attorney at (401) 751-5151 today.

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Do You Need a White-Collar Crime Attorney in Rhode Island?

White collar criminal charges can have a profound impact on a defendant.  If convicted, defendants face imprisonment and potentially significant fines.  A white-collar crime attorney can protect your rights and fight for the lowest possible sentence on your behalf.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented defendants for over thirty years in the state and federal courts of Rhode Island, I am prepared to minimize the negative impact of the white-collar crime allegations against you. Contact the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody to discuss the details of your case today.

Examples and Types of White-Collar Crimes in Rhode Island

White-collar crimes are often those committed for financial gain. Many of these crimes involve theft from an employer or another company that takes place over a long period of time.

Fraud is a common white-collar crime. Perpetrators can commit fraud against insurance companies, credit card companies, banks, and more.

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but failing to pay your fair share can lead to criminal prosecution. Perpetrators might try to hide income or simply lie on their tax forms and hope they’re not caught by the IRS.

Other types of white-collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Ponzi and pyramid schemes
  • Bribery and extortion

No matter what type of white-collar crime you’re facing charges for, a seasoned white-collar defense attorney can help. Call our white-collar crime law firm at (401) 751-5151 to learn more.

Fraud and Identity Theft in Rhode Island are Often White-Collar Crimes

Many white-collar crimes in Rhode Island involve some kind of fraud. When you think of fraud, you might picture a disgruntled employee siphoning money from their employer. But it’s possible to commit fraud in several other ways, too.

For instance, insurance fraud is fairly common. A person may exaggerate their losses so the insurance company gives them more money.

It’s also a crime to knowingly submit false claims for government services according to the False Claims Act. If convicted, you must pay back three times the government’s damages.

Identity theft is a white-collar crime that involves using someone else’s personal information for financial gain. For example, you might open a bank account or apply for credit using another person’s name. Identity theft is a felony, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) takes it very seriously.

Common Scenarios Involving Embezzling or Tax Offenses in Rhode Island

With embezzlement, perpetrators take money from someone to whom they owe a duty. For example, a financial advisor might steal client funds for their own investments. Trust fund administrators can commit embezzlement, too. They’re responsible for managing a trust’s assets, so it doesn’t take much effort to stash a bit of that money away for themselves.

Tax offenses happen when someone deliberately tries to avoid paying the IRS what they owe. A court can’t charge you with a crime simply for making mistakes on your taxes, though. Tax evasion is much more purposeful than that. For example, you might file for exemptions you don’t qualify for or conceal assets so you’ll pay less in taxes.

If you’re facing charges for embezzlement or tax evasion, contact a white-collar crime attorney for help right away. Our criminal defense lawyer, Thomas G. Briody, can put together an intelligent, aggressive defense for you.

White-Collar Crime Convictions in Rhode Island Often Carry Severe Consequences

Punishments for white-collar crimes vary depending on the specific crime and the amount of money involved. If you’re convicted of a white-collar crime you usually pay a fine, and the court may order you to pay back illegally gained money. If you cannot, the court may seize your home, vehicles, and other property as restitution.

In some cases, the court may sentence you to house arrest or community confinement. If you committed identity theft or stole millions of dollars, you might face an even harsher punishment. You could spend years in prison.

Promptly Contact Thomas G. Briody, an Experienced Defense Attorney for White-Collar Crimes in Rhode Island, as Soon as You Suspect You May Potentially Face Charges

If you’re facing white-collar crime charges, or you think you might face charges soon, you must act fast. A prosecutor may have already gathered enough evidence to put you in prison.

That’s why it’s critical to reach out to a white-collar crime attorney as soon as you can. Contacting a lawyer gives you a better chance at fighting your charges in court. A white-collar crime lawyer may also be able to prevent your arrest or work toward a lighter sentence.

Call the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody at (401) 751-5151 for a consultation on your white-collar crime case today.

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