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Domestic violence charges are serious matters. If you are under investigation or face criminal domestic violence charges, you need to speak to a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. Thomas G. Briody is an aggressive and experienced defender who understands domestic violence laws, and how to improve your legal situation. Act now.

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Seek Guidance from an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney in Rhode Island

Domestic violence allegations can have grave consequences.  Courts almost always impose no contact orders on defendants accused of domestic violence.  Convictions take years to clear from your record.  You may also face fines, custody battles, restricted visitation rights, and, potentially, jail time. It is important not to let your current situation spiral into further behavior that can worsen your predicament.

An experienced domestic violence lawyer can minimize the negative consequences, but you must act quickly.

Sometimes a heated argument at home may escalate to the point where a spouse feels threatened and takes the step of calling the police, perhaps not intending to press charges. Once the police are called, the state takes control of the situation.  Any sign of physical harm will lead to an arrest and a no contact order.  Whether or not you or your spouse believe the charges are valid, you will require the assistance of a domestic violence defense attorney.

Domestic violence allegations are likely to affect many facets of your life, but there are often steps we can take to limit harm to your future and your rights. Even if you have not yet been charged with a crime, you need to work with an experienced Rhode Island domestic violence attorney to strategize the steps you should take moving forward. Contact the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody today to discuss your case.

Common Consequences of Domestic Violence Criminal Charges or Convictions in Rhode Island

Domestic violence charges and convictions are subject to special rules, including:

  • Mandatory treatment and fine: Domestic violence convictions often involve fines and court costs, and payment to participate in mandatory batterers intervention classes..
  • No contact order: Also known as a restraining order, this order restricts you from approaching or talking to family members. Violating an order is a criminal offense that carries a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to one year in prison.
  • Increased assault penalties: Multiple assault convictions can lead to felony charges and mandatory jail.
  • Family law implications: A domestic violence conviction may cost you the custody of your children. You may also have restricted visitation rights, including supervised visitation.

If you are facing domestic violence allegations, waste no time in contacting a criminal defense attorney.

Quickly Establish Your Defense in a Rhode Island Domestic Violence Case by Contacting an Experienced Defense Attorney

Prompt action is key to improving your legal prospects in domestic violence cases. You must start working with an experienced domestic assault attorney as soon as you suspect you may have a legal issue.

Do not wait to be formally charged or arrested — there are sometimes opportunities to begin working on a case before charges are made. Your actions now may help you to avoid domestic violence charges or an arrest. Speak with an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer today to assess the implications of your situation.

Common Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges in Rhode Island

Possible defenses against domestic violence charges may include:

  • Self-defense: To prove self-defense, you must show that you reasonably believed you were in imminent danger. You cannot use this defense if you were the aggressor in the incident, but it is permissible to strike the first blow if you can establish a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm.
  • It never happened: Unfortunately, some people use false accusations of domestic violence to inflict revenge on their partners or win full custody of their children. If the alleged victim is lying, your domestic violence defense lawyer will work with you to build a credible case and present your version of the events before the court. Depending on the circumstances, this may include collecting witness testimonies, physical evidence, and any other information that may back your claim.
  • Not a domestic relationship: Rhode Island law defines domestic violence as violence against a family or household member. Eligible victims include your current and ex-spouses, relatives by blood or marriage, people who have children with you, people who live or have lived with you during the last three years, and people you date or have dated during the last year. If you prove that the victim does not fall under any of these categories, this may serve as a valid defense against domestic violence allegations.

Your domestic violence lawyer can advise which, if any, of these defenses may be available to you.

Strategies To Mitigate Negative Effects of a Domestic Violence Charge

“Wait and see” is a very bad strategy, regardless of whether you are facing potential domestic violence charges or whether you have already been charged. You need to take action and hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as you start suspecting you may have a legal issue.

The earlier a legal professional begins working on your case, the more they can do to improve your situation and work towards minimizing the negative consequences for your future. If you act promptly, you may even avoid being arrested.

Secondly, you need a seasoned lawyer who is deeply familiar with Rhode Island’s criminal justice system. They should not only know domestic violence laws, but also how different circumstances may represent hidden opportunities in regards to how a given prosecutor or judge is approaching your case.

You need to begin acting strategically early in order to protect yourself, and that requires guidance from an experienced attorney who has helped many others in similar situations before you.

Contact Thomas G. Briody, an Experienced Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges in Rhode Island, As Soon As You Suspect You May Face a Legal Issue

Thomas G. Briody is a knowledgeable and experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney and domestic violence lawyer. He has been representing defendants facing state or federal criminal charges for many years.

If you are under investigation, expect to be charged soon, or if you already face domestic violence charges, contact the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody immediately. We will use our extensive resources with the goal of helping you clear your name while minimizing the harm to your life and prospects as much as possible.

Call (401) 751-5151 today to discuss your case and begin strategizing your next steps.

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You need help right now to improve your legal situation and put your life back together. Time is of the essence. We are here to guide you and advocate on your behalf. Move past the paralyzing anxiety and begin protecting your future. The sooner you reach out, the better we may be able to help you, so call the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody in Providence, Rhode Island, today.

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