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Have you been accused of a cyber crime, or are you worried you may be facing charges soon? Our cyber crime attorney at the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody can help. Call our law firm today for legal assistance and defense.

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A Cyber Crime Attorney in Rhode Island Can Help You Navigate Your Case

Computer or cyber crime is a general term for criminal activity committed using smartphones and computer technology. Because computer technology and social media are ever-evolving, the laws and procedures surrounding internet use are often unclear. Crimes such as fraud or theft can be categorized as cyber crime under some circumstances. In many such cases, you will need to speak with an experienced Rhode Island computer crime attorney as soon as you believe you may be facing a legal issue.

If you’re facing a cyber crime charge, you may feel caught off guard. You may not have known that your actions were criminal, or you may have been wrongfully accused. Whether guilty or innocent, you need a qualified cyber crime defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. We need to assess your situation and identify the appropriate next actions for your unique case, with the goal of limiting negative effects for your life and your future.

At the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody, we’ve helped numerous defendants navigate criminal allegations involving cyber crimes. Call me today to discuss your case.

Prohibited Acts Under Rhode Island’s Cyber Crime Laws

The term “cyber crime” can encompass a wide range of criminal acts. Rhode Island’s cyber crime laws prohibit the following acts:

  • Cyberstalking
  • Identity theft
  • Online impersonation
  • Using a computer for fraudulent purposes
  • Computer theft
  • Computer trespassing
  • Tampering with documents on a computer
  • Child pornography

Other general cyber crimes may include cyberbullying and illicit sexting. For these acts to qualify as cyber crimes, there must have been purpose, intent, and knowledge on the part of the defendant.

Cyber Stalking is a Serious Crime in Rhode Island

Browsing through a person’s social media profile is relatively harmless behavior, but it can quickly evolve into cyber stalking, a serious cyber crime in Rhode Island. Cyber stalking is the act of using the internet or other digital means to follow, intimidate, harass, or cause anxiety to another person.

Examples of cyber stalking include sending unwanted communications to another person, using tracking devices to track another person’s movements, creating fake accounts representing the person, and joining all of the same online groups and forums as the person.

Cyber stalking has a somewhat vague definition, and if another person has accused you of this crime, you may feel confused or even shocked. What another person interprets as cyber stalking could be completely harmless behavior on your part.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take a cyber stalking accusation lightly. Even if the other person has not yet brought their accusation to the police, you need to have a cyber crime attorney ready to represent you.

Fraud and Identity Theft Computer Crime Charges in Rhode Island

Cyber fraud is the act of corrupting or stealing a person’s financial or personal information online. Identity theft is the process of using another person’s identifying information to open up new accounts under their name or commit crimes under their identity.

Rhode Island law recognizes varying levels of both crimes. Even acts that may seem relatively harmless can classify as identity theft, such as transferring a document that you know was stolen or fabricating an identification document.

Identity theft can lead to felony charges. First convictions can require up to three years imprisonment and up to $5,000 in fines, while third convictions can lead to up to ten years in prison and $15,000 in fines.

You must be incredibly careful sending and receiving identification documents online. If you’re facing identity theft or fraud charges, reach out to the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody immediately for guidance from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Hacking Crimes in Rhode Island

The movies portray hacking as a fun pastime for computer geeks, but in reality, hacking is a form of cyber crime. In broad terms, hacking is the act of breaking into a computer network without authorization.

Criminal hacking may involve any of the following acts:

  • Gaining information from a computer without permission
  • Accessing a computer to gain value
  • Intentionally damaging data or intellectual property
  • Trafficking passwords
  • Extorting others through a computer
  • Gaining national security information

However, in some instances, hacking is not a crime. Federal laws recognize “ethical hacking,” in which the hacker has permission to gain access to security networks. For hacking to be a crime, it must involve breaking into another computer network without authority, consent, or permission.

The penalties for a hacking conviction can reach up to ten years in prison for a first conviction, while hacking at the federal level poses even more severe penalties.

Promptly Contact Thomas G. Briody, an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney for Cyber Crime, As Soon As You Suspect You May Be Facing a Legal Issue

Cyber crime charges may not feel as serious as other criminal charges, but they can lead to life-altering consequences. If you’re facing a cyber crime charge, you need an experienced cyber crime attorney to guide you through the legal process and defend your case.

If you have not been charged but you believe you may be under investigation or could soon be facing criminal charges, you need to work with a criminal defense attorney to minimize the repercussions of allegations or charges.

At the Law Offices of Thomas G. Briody, we draw upon experience and resources gained over thirty years of Rhode Island criminal defense cases to provide representation above and beyond what many other cyber crime law firms can offer. We want to help you get back to your life. Call me today at (401) 751-5151 to schedule your consultation.

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