How To Defend your Argument By Catching Fallacies

Figuring out how to defend your argument is not always about being right. Those who love to debate become adept at sneaking in rhetoric that can make anyone’s head spin. Has this happened to you? Ron Kretsch posted an amusing set of memes about what happens when arguing with idiots online. Check out one of the images below.

Not a “ahem” legal topic, but the rhetorical tactics employed here are used not just online, but in courtrooms, law offices, town council rooms and legislative hearing rooms all the time. This is great stuff. Enjoy.

How to defend arguments


Below is an excerpt from Ron’s post telling how these pictures of the famous NFL referee Ed Hoculi got featured:

Glen Welch is a theater and film critic for Houston, TX culture mag Red Publication, and he’s hit upon something so brilliant and necessary, its astonishing that it’s taken so long for someone to do it: he’s created a series of image macros featuring an NFL referee calling fouls on invalid argument tactics and sneaky rhetoric. I can see plenty of use for these in internet discourse, not least of all because of their admirable succinctness in explaining the various logical fallacies, and the humor in the frisson of philosophy and full-contact sports. And of course they’d serve as great shortcuts for legions of Facebookers weary of explaining to their politically outlying uncles for the millionth time what a slippery slope actually is and why they need to cut it the hell out already.

See the whole compilation at More fallacy images can be found at the Fallacy Ref community on Facebook.

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