Hardship License: New Year 2015 brings Relief


Drunk driving and breathalyzer refusal laws carry mandatory license suspensions for convicted drivers.  Frequently this means considerable hardship for drivers who depend on their cars for transportation to work.  But 2015 has provided some relief.  As of January 1, convicted drivers may be eligible for a “conditional” license to allow them to go to work and home again.  There are several requirements, however.  Among them, the hardship license must be approved after a hearing by a judge after reviewing proof of employment and work hours.  Second, the driver can only use the license for a twelve (12) hour period each day.  Third, the driver’s car must be equipped with an ignition interlock system.  This new law is good news for people who a car for work, but the law is complicated, and there are other requirements and restrictions.  In order to obtain this benefit, it is essential for motorists facing DUI and refusal charges to have competent counsel.  In order to determine if a driver motorist qualifies for this relief, contact our office for a consultation.