Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Rhode Island Legal Guidance and Support

November 21, 2023 – Thomas G. Briody

Upon arrest for alleged violations of domestic violence statutes, courts typically issue a no-contact order against the defendant in favor of the alleged victim. This order remains in effect unless approved for lifting or vacating by a judge.

If you possess a firearm and face domestic violence charges, expect the court to mandate surrendering the firearm to the police. Convictions for domestic violence offenses often necessitate the defendant’s attendance in and payment for batterers intervention classes, spanning approximately six mandatory months.

Moreover, expunging or sealing a domestic violence charge from your record typically takes longer, implying significant implications for everyone involved. These cases are emotionally charged, involving vital relationships, and navigating them through the legal system can be complex.

Domestic violence charges have far-reaching consequences, affecting relationships among loved ones and involving legal and law enforcement controls, making them especially challenging.

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