White Collar defendants and sentencing

Defendants charged with non-violent offenses often present compelling reasons for judges not to impose a prison term.  But a recent case from the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit suggests that there are limits to a court’s … Continue reading

Drawing the line on DWI cases

  When is drunk driving NOT a crime?  When you are driving a Segway, or any other “personal mobility device,” such as a wheelchair.  That’s the ruling of a Minnesota Appeals Court.  Whether Rhode Island and other jurisdictions will follow … Continue reading

Innovation– Prosecution or Persecution?

    Aaron Swartz, a 26 year old young man alternately described as “brilliant,” an “innovator,” and as an “internet activist,” has prompted considerable debate in the wake of his recent suicide.  For Mr. Swartz was also a criminal defendant, … Continue reading

Dogs, Drugs and Defendants

Happy New Year to all.  It’s time for resolutions.  One is to post more in 2017.   A recent inquiry on LinkedIn led me to do a little research on the use of canines to assist law enforcement in locating … Continue reading