False Confessions– Yes, they really happen.

Many people believe that a confession is among the most powerful– and reliable– forms of evidence.  But that is not always the case.  As this remarkable story from The New Yorker illustrates, confessions produced by police interrogation are sometimes anything … Continue reading

Due Process for Juvenile Offenders

A 16 year old boy is waived from the Family Court based on a theory that he personally committed murder.  But months later, the evidence no longer supports that theory as he faces trial in the Superior Court.  Now it’s … Continue reading

What it means to defend.

When people ask what I do, I sometimes say that I defend the innocent and those who are presumed innocent.  Hopefully, it is a subtle reminder about the right to a defense in a free society.  The article I have … Continue reading

Facebook Freedom

There have been many stories in recent years about how social media has lead to criminal charges and convictions.  Now two brothers from Detroit have had murder charges dismissed due in large part to Facebook.  Yet another example of how … Continue reading

Named Lawyer of the Year 2013

Thomas Briody has been selected by his peers for inclusion in the 19th edition of Best Lawyers in United States in the practice areas of Criminal Defense: Non-White-Collar and Criminal Defense: White-Collar. He has also been named Best Lawyers’ “Lawyer … Continue reading

Lawyer’s DUI case dropped

A lawyer’s DUI charge has been dismissed in Tampa, and the police are under investigation after the lawyer claimed he was targeted by an employee of a firm opposing the lawyer’s firm in a lawsuit.  It is a strange set … Continue reading

DUI Checkpoints- One man’s experience

This past holiday weekend, a young man in a small Tennessee community secretly recorded an encounter with a DUI checkpoint.  Such checkpoints are controversial, and this video reveals a dark side to how law enforcement deals with individuals who invoke … Continue reading

When parents go to prison

How society deals with prisoners is a topic that is endlessly debated in the United States.  But how it deals with the children of prisoners is often overlooked.  One of the best children’s television shows in the country has taken … Continue reading