A Gideon Moment: From Plea Agreement To Acquittal

Gideon v. Wainwright guarantees all persons accused of a crime the right to a criminal defense attorney.  “Charley’s Angel,” first published in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers magazine The Champion, recounts my own experience representing an indigent defendant … Continue reading

8 Tips When Stopped By Police

When you are stopped by police at a DUI checkpoint, or stopped for any other reason, it is a good idea to follow some simple tips in order to help your encounter move along smoothly. The availability of cell phone video … Continue reading

How Drug Offenses Are Taxing Prison Populations

The Washington Post recently published a thought-provoking article that addresses the awkward and oftentimes heart-wrenching situations that federal judges find themselves in. The piece spotlights the controversy of whether mandatory penalties imposed in the late 1980s for drug offenses are … Continue reading

Zealous Representation

John Adams, our second President, first came to prominence when he defended English soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre. Defense lawyers have always represented unpopular defendants. Judy Clarke, who defends Dzhokar Tsarnaev in the Boston marathon bombing case, … Continue reading

“They never read me my rights!”

If I had a dollar bill for every time I heard this from a defendant, I could take a very nice vacation.  A criminal defendant’s “rights,” sometimes referred to as Miranda warnings, are popularly heard in movies and on television, … Continue reading

Hardship License: New Year 2015 brings Relief

  Drunk driving and breathalyzer refusal laws carry mandatory license suspensions for convicted drivers.  Frequently this means considerable hardship for drivers who depend on their cars for transportation to work.  But 2015 has provided some relief.  As of January 1, … Continue reading